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About the Albert Whitted Airport Preservation Society

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Albert Whitted Airport Preservation Society is to preserve and enhance Albert Whitted Airport.

Mission and Vision

The Albert Whitted Airport Preservation Society is dedicated to preserving and enhancing Albert Whitted Airport, one of our nation's most historic aviation facilities. We work with our fellow citizens and businesses to keep this downtown transportation and commerce center a vibrant part of our city. Our vision is to make St. Petersburg's downtown airport the finest general aviation airport in the country; one that incorporates public recreation areas, aviation education, vibrant airport businesses and an aviation museum to showcase our city's proud place in the history of aviation. 


1. Historic Preservation and Enhancement of Albert Whitted Airport

2. Educate the public about Albert Whitted Airport and general aviation.

3. Ensure the community benefit of Albert Whitted Airport and general aviation. 

AWAPS Objectives

Airport Development
Plan, design and develop ideas for the betterment of Albert Whitted Airport and promote adoption of these ideas by airport and City officials as well as airport businesses.

Public Relations 

Community outreach and broad public communications regarding airport activities, events and benefits.

Public Education
Provide public education concerning historical, current, and potential future uses of the airport as well as benefits of general aviation. Provide airport tours, and, educational opportunities for school-aged children.

Plan and implement fun and educational events to engage the public and raise funds for the betterment of the airport.  This objective includes providing philanthropic opportunities for major airport initiatives. 

Apply for applicable public grants and private funding to further the airport's educational, historical, and aviation programs.

Maintain and promote AWAPS membership and involve members in AWAPS operations, airport promotion and events.

Phone: 727-822-1532 - Fax: 727-820-0303

Albert Whitted Airport, 451 8th Avenue SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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